Posted by: airkayaks | November 7, 2009

PBS’ OpenRoadTV Highlights Advanced Elements Expedition Kayaks!

Earlier this spring, we were able to spend the morning with the crew from OpenRoadTV, as they came through Lake County, California to film a segment on Clear Lake.

Kayaking on Rodman Slough

Brad Barnwell of Lake County's (California's) Land Trust takes Doug McConnell of OpenRoadTV, on a tour along Rodman Slough.

Advanced Elements graciously supplied two AdvancedFrame Expeditions for the photo shoot on Rodman Slough. AirKayaks set the kayaks up and supplied MTI Adventurewear PFDs, and Cannon Escape and Wave breakdown paddles. We had planned on using WindPaddle sails for more footage, but a fluke gale storm came through, causing huge whitecaps.

OpenRoad TV Crew

OpenRoadTV crew member films Brad and Doug as they begin their birdwatching trip. A bass boat with video equipment followed the two as they headed up the slough.

Brad Barnwell of the Lake County Land Trust led OpenRoadTV host Doug McConnell on a birdwatching tour, where they managed to see egrets, grebes, pelicans, herons – even a bald eagle sitting in a tree filled with turkey vultures.

The segment – Episode 11 – premiered on September 28. See the footage at OpenRoad TV.

For more info on the Expedition kayak, see




    Ecuador is a paradise for birdwatchers since it counts more than 10% of the worldwide species and which are mainly in Amazonia, in tropical and cloud forests, on the famous Galapagos Islands. On the Pacific Coast hundreds of endemics such as the toucans, condors, albatrosses, blue and red-footed boobies, red masked fools, cocks of the rock… Ecuador is also par excellence “The Earth for the Birds” This small country shelters around 1600 bird species (excluding the numerous other species which man has identified), more than in other large countries such as North America and Brazil among others.


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