Posted by: airkayaks | September 24, 2010

Back in stock – AirKayak’s Special-Run Windpaddle Sails

Back in stock! We just received a new shipment of AirKayak’s popular special-run colors from Windpaddle sails – Sunrise, Sunset and Seabreeze.

The WindPaddle is a self-launching, self-standing sail for kayaks, canoes, sit-on-tops, paddle boards, and other small watercraft. Weighing only 13 and 22 ounces (two sizes), the WindPaddle stows on deck in a small folded coil 1/8th its deployed size. The WindPaddle usually requires NO modifications to your boat. Instead, it clips quickly and easily to existing deck lines or hardware.

The special colors are now available in both the Adventure (42 inch) and Cruiser (58 inch) sizes. For more info see



  1. Will it fit on a hard shell kayak? I have the 12 ft. Walden Vista.

    • Yes, as long as you have two D-rings or some other way of fastening it to the hull.

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