Posted by: airkayaks | November 2, 2011

New Video: Single & Double Spray Decks for the Advanced Elements Convertible Inflatable Kayak

Expand the versatility of your Advanced Elements convertible kayak with the optional single or double spray decks. The spray decks convert your Convertible kayak from an open-deck design to an enclosed two seater with the double deck, or an enclosed one seater with the single deck.

The deck system keeps water and wind out during chilly or inclement weather. The coaming tubes allow you to attach optional spray skirts for even more protection from the elements.

The spray decks are made of the same rugged nylon ripstop material as the Convertible.

Set up is simple. Partially or totally deflate your kayak. Unfold the deck. Attach the deck via two rear zippers. Zip up each side. Place the velcro tab under the buckle. Fully pump up the kayak. Inflate the coaming tubes. Attach the seat, and you’re done.

See more details on both decks at and

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