Posted by: airkayaks | April 2, 2014

Special Purchase: Maxxon Express II Inflatable Kayak System now $399.

Just arrived! Special Purchase on the Maxxon Express II, an open-design inflatable kayak system with three seating positions, allowing the kayak to be paddled solo or tandem. Originally priced at $699, the Express II package is now only $399 with paddles and pump.

Maxxon Express II Inflatable Kayak System with paddles and pump.

The low profile, recessed seating well and built-in coaming area make it a perfect choice for slower rivers, lakes and calm waters, or for use as a diving/fishing platform. It’s also a great solo option for larger paddlers, or those wanting to take along some gear.

This kayak comes with 2 seats, 2 breakdown paddles, bellows foot pump, removable tracking fin, carrying tote, repair kit, instructions, 1-year warranty – everything you need to get on the water.Maxxon Express Inflatable Tandem Kayak

The Express II is 11 feet long, 37 inches wide and weighs 32 lbs. It is rated for a 440 lb. carrying capacity.

See our previous write-up Detailed Maxxon Express II review with photos.  For more details or to purchase, visit the Maxxon Express II product page on our website at


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