Posted by: airkayaks | May 26, 2014

New Video: AquaGlide’s Chinook Tandem Inflatable Kayak for 1-3 paddlers.

Our third in the AquaGlide inflatable kayak series! Check out our newest video on the Chinook Tandem inflatable kayak from Aquaglide.

The 12.5 ft Chinook Tandem inflatable kayak offers multiple seating arrangements with a capacity of 600 lbs. Perfect for one person with lots of gear, two adults, or with the included third seat – bring along a child or furry friend!  The Chinook Tandem is rugged, fun and highly portable. And it’s available at a family-friendly price of only $499 including backpack.

For more details or to purchase, see the Aquaglide Chinook Tandem product page at Or read our Detailed Product Review of the Aquaglide Chinook Tandem Inflatable Kayak with Photos, here on our WordPress blog.

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