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15 Gift Ideas for Stand-up Paddle Board Lovers

Short on time and a long list of gifts to search for? We’ve compiled a list of 15 gift ideas for paddle board lovers in a wide range of prices, certain to make that special person happy! We’ve focused on portable options for those planning on travel or short on space, though many can be used by all paddle boarders. (Please note, this blog was updated on Nov. 11, 2016)

Seattle Sports Digi Wallet and Audio Case

1) Seattle Sports Digi Wallet & Audio Case. – $9.95
Two compartments with two levels of protection for phones or personal items while on or near the water. Features a headphone pass-through port with audio capability for your smartphone or MP3 player. The wallet side is waterproof and totally protects phones, cameras, MP3 players, money, credit cards and personal items – you can even talk, text and manage music right through the case.

Seattle Sports Padded Cell Phone Case

2) Seattle Sports Emerse Waterproof Padded Cell Phone Case – $15.95
Protect and use your larger cell phone and valuables while on the water – text, call and access APPS right through the case! The E-Merse Padded Cell Phone Waterproof Case from Seattle Sports offers maximum, submersible, waterproof protection for your electronics – up to 10 feet when properly closed – while the padded back side provides shock protection and flotation.

Jobe Coiled SUP Leash

3) Jobe Adjustable Coiled Ankle Leash – $24.95
A 10 ft adjustable, coiled recreational paddle board leash designed to prevent excess drag while keeping you comfortably tethered to your paddle board.

Chinook Waist Pouch

4) Aquatight Waterproof Paddlers Waist Pouch from Chinook Technology – $24.95.
Keep your valuables dry and nearby! The waist pouch is constructed from 70 denier ripstop nylon with watertight seams and a rollover velcro and double ziplock closure on all main openings. The compartment size is 9 x 5 inches, while the adjustable clip system fits a 23 to 49 inch waist.

Red Paddle Co Schrader Valve Attachment

5) Red Paddle Co Schrader Valve Adaptor – $29.95
Easily pump up your high-pressure inflatable paddle board! The Schrader valve adaptor attaches to a standard bike, tire pump or air compressor, allowing you to pump up to high pressures without all the back strain. Works with Halkey Roberts military valves.

Red Paddle Co Cargo Net

6) Red Paddle Co Cargo Net – $39.95

Add low profile, lightweight carrying capacity by attaching the cargo net to d-rings found on many paddle boards.


C4 Waterman Padded Breakdown SUP Paddle Bag

7) C4 Waterman Padded Breakdown SUP Paddle Bag – $39.95

The ultimate, padded, SUP paddle storage bag with carrying handle and shoulder strap, features two-way zippers, a paddle slot, velcro tabs to keep the shafts in place, and a centerpiece pad. You’re ready to travel!

Seattle Sports Deck Bag

8) Seattle Sports Low Profile Kayak/Paddle Board Deck Bag – $59.95

A PVC-free option that can move from paddle board to kayak deck, with a hydrodynamic design that sheds water and doesn’t act like a brake. 15 liter size is the perfect size for an afternoon of gear.

Advanced Elements Breakdown SUP Paddle

9) Advanced Elements Adjustable Hula 2pc SUP Breakdown Paddle – $63.95

An economical and rugged aluminum SUP paddle, perfect for traveling, varying water conditions or for family members of various heights. The wider blade is good for pushing more water. Adjusts from 67 to 83 inches.

Stohlquist Edge PFD

10) Stohlquist Edge Whitewater and Paddle Board PFD – $99.95

A low-profile, high-mobility life vest, perfect for whitewater and standup paddle boarding! Padded and contoured shoulders, side adjustments, ultra-soft buoyancy foam and an ultra-small footprint, available in three sizes and colors!

New Titan SUP Pump from Red Paddle Co

11) Red Paddle Co Dual Cylinder Titan Pump – $139.95

Easily pump your inflatable SUP up to higher pressures while saving nearly 40% in time. A unique dual-barrel action allows one to use both barrels to quickly fill the board, then switch to one barrel to top it off to higher pressusres.



12) Red Paddle Co Luggage System 2.0 Wheeled Back Pack – $149.95

The perfect bag for circling the globe with your inflatable paddle board. Features a front-loading system which zippers on three sides, adjustable shoulder straps for backpacking, and a wheeled system for rolling through airports!



MAX SUP Carbon 3pc breakdown paddle

13) Accent MAX SUP Adjustable Carbon 3pc Breakdown SUP Paddle 70-86″ – $199

Designed to accommodate a wide range of paddler heights and water conditions! With the longest shaft length of 35.5 inches, the Accent Max Carbon breakdown paddle is perfect for travel. Fully adjustable from 70 to 86 inches. Made in the USA.

Jobe 10-6 Inflatable SUP Package

14) Jobe 10-6 All-Around Inflatable SUP package with paddle, pump and leash – $729

A great all-around recreational and touring inflatable paddle board to be used in coastal waters, lakes, slow-moving rivers and bays – good for paddlers up to 265 lbs. A complete package with backpack, breakdown paddle, pump and leash!

And the ultimate ….

The Red Air Ride series from Red Paddle Co.

15) Red Paddle Co Ride 10-6 Inflatable Paddle Board – $1299

A number one best seller and all-round great paddle board. A 16-22 PSI rigid, stable and versatile 10’6″ inflatable SUP, now a mere 20 lbs. Bungee deck lacing, fixed fins, ankle leash d-ring and low profile traction pad. Comes with the dual-barrel Titan pump and roller-wheeled backpack, great for travel. Free paddle!

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