Posted by: airkayaks | January 2, 2017

Video: AquaGlide Blackfoot Angler HB SL Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Our third video in the AquaGlide Blackfoot series features the Blackfoot Angler HB SL – an 11 foot inflatable fishing kayak capable of carrying up to 400 lbs of paddler and gear.

At 32 lbs, the Blackfoot sports a streamlined silhouette and piercing bow, providing good tracking and glide. Integrated Scotty mounts, bungee deck lacing and multiple tie-downs allow one to attach favorite angling gear.

A high-pressure floor and wide beam provide stability and rigidity, while the seat can easily be moved to accommodate kayakers of many sizes. Includes a backpack, allowing one to easily store it in the trunk of a car, a closet or RV, and bring it along on vacations.

It’s perfect for slow moving rivers, lakes, choppy waters, ocean coastlines and mild rapids.


For more information, read our Detailed Product Review on the Blackfoot Angler SL, or visit the Blackfoot product pages on

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