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15 Gift Ideas for Stand-up Paddle Board Lovers

Short on time and a long list of gifts to search for? We’ve compiled a list of 15 gift ideas for paddle board lovers in a wide range of prices, certain to make that special person happy! We’ve focused on portable options for those planning on travel or short on space, though many can be used by all paddle boarders. (Please note, this blog was updated on Nov. 17, 2018)

Seattle Sports Waterproof Cell Phone Case

1) Seattle Sports E-Merse XL Original Cell Phone Waterproof Case – $19.95
The Seattle Sports E-Merse R/S Original XL Cell Phone Waterproof Case offers maximum, submersible, waterproof protection for your electronics and valuables when properly closed. Use your cell phone while on the water – text, call and access APPS right through the case!

Advanced Elements Coil Ankle Leash

2) Advanced Elements Coiled Ankle Leash – $34.99
A 9 ft adjustable, coiled recreational paddle board leash designed to prevent excess drag while keeping you comfortably tethered to your paddle board. Comes with storage bag. Weight: 8.8 oz.


Red Paddle Co Schrader Valve Attachment

3) Red Paddle Co Schrader Valve Adaptor – $34.95
Easily pump up your high-pressure inflatable paddle board! The Schrader valve adaptor attaches to a standard bike, tire pump or air compressor, allowing you to pump up to high pressures without all the back strain. Works with Halkey Roberts military valves.

Red Paddle Co Original Insulated Drink Holer

4) Red Paddle Co Original Insulated Water Bottle. $39.00

A super insulated drink bottle of marine grade stainless steel. Holds up to 750 ml of hot or cold liquids. Easily attaches to most SUPs or kayaks with a carabiner.

Red Paddle Co Original Board Lock

5) Red Paddle Co Original Board Cable Lock – $59

Ensure your inflatable SUP is secure with the Red Paddle Co Original Board Lock. The 11 ft/340 cm length makes it possible to secure one or multiple boards at once – simply loop through the ankle leash d-ring(s). A programmable combination lock can be set to a code of your choice, reducing the likelihood of theft.

Advanced Elements Breakdown SUP Paddle

6) Advanced Elements Adjustable Hula 2pc SUP Breakdown Paddle – $63.95

An economical and rugged aluminum SUP paddle, perfect for traveling, varying water conditions or for family members of various heights. The wider blade is good for pushing more water. Adjusts from 67 to 83 inches.

MTI Inflatable Belt Pack7) MTI Adventurewear 16G Inflatable Belt Pack PFD – $69.95

MTI Adventurewear’s new 16G Inflatable Belt Pack is a low profile, compact design providing 16.5 lbs of inflation with a pillow-style bladder. Fits adult universal with 30-52″ chest size, belt length 58.5 inches. Great for stand-up paddleboarding, fishing, kayaking and general boating. Simply wear it like a belt by passing it around your waist and buckling it to close, then tighten for a snug fit.

AquaGlide Crossroads SUP/Kayak Backpack

8) AquaGlide Crossroads DLX SUP/Kayak Backpack $89.95

The Crossroads DLX Kayak Backpack from AquaGlide is designed to bring your inflatable SUP or kayak and gear on your next hike or vacation. Made from a rugged 600 denier Polyester/PVC laminate and heavy duty components, the Crossroads DLX is built to last. L 12″ x W 17″x H 41″

Hala Gear Back Country Comfort Rolling Backpack

9) Hala Gear Back Country Comfort Wheeled SUP Backpack – $119

The rugged Hala Backcountry Comfort Rolling Backpack is constructed from a super-tough, woven nylon with wide-opening zipper, carrying handles and five compression straps. Rolling wheels allow you to easily transport your board through airports and sidewalks. Also can be used with inflatable kayaks!

AquaGLide Turbo HP Pump

10) AquaGlide 12V Two-Stage Turbo High-Pressure Electric Pump – $139.95

A powerful 12v electric pump designed for quick inflation of watersport inflatables utilizing high-pressure military valves.  Comes with two adaptors – HR-type high-pressure and screw-on. Uses heavy duty cable and alligator clips to connect to boat or car battery. SUP electric pump inflates from 1 PSI up to 20 PSI in minutes.


New Titan SUP Pump from Red Paddle Co

11) Red Paddle Co Dual Cylinder Titan Pump – $149.95

Easily pump your inflatable SUP up to higher pressures while saving nearly 40% in time. A unique dual-barrel action allows one to use both barrels to quickly fill the board, then switch to one barrel to top it off to higher pressures. Now comes with multiple adaptors for use with inflatable kites and kayaks.

Red Paddle Co Original Deck Bag

12) Red Paddle Co Original 22 Liter Deck Bag – $199

An easy-access and rugged, 22-liter, waterproof deckbag, loaded with features and built to last! Made from 100% waterproof TPU fabric and featuring a YKK aquaseal zip, the Red Paddle Co Original Deck Bag will keep your contents dry even if submersed. External pockets can hold up to two of the Red Original Insulated Drink Bottles while the unique luggage tensioning system means the deck bag is the perfect partner for any of your adventures.

Accent Indy Tour Carbon Breakdown Paddle

13) Accent Indy Tour Adjustable Carbon 3pc Breakdown SUP Paddle 70-86″ – $229

Designed to accommodate a wide range of paddler heights and water conditions! Only 27 ozs – a stiff and lightweight, adjustable carbon SUP paddle, ideal for cruising yet breaks down for travel!
The Indy Tour series of SUP paddles provide paddlers of all skill levels the highest level of construction at an affordable price.The Accent Indy Tour incorporates advanced design features with a carbon blend shaft to transfer more of your paddling power to the water for a more efficient stroke.

Red Paddle Co Carbon 100 Breakdown Paddle

14) Red Paddle 2019 Carbon 100 Adjustable Travel Paddle 71-86″ – $329

A stiff, lightweight carbon paddle for high-end performance – perfect for travel, only 29 oz. The Red Paddle Carbon 100 performance paddle uses a carbon weave for greater strength while keeping the paddle super light and responsive. The carbon teardrop blade shape with a single dihedral blade face allows water to flow evenly off each side creating a smooth and stable stroke even when power paddling.

And the ultimate ….

15) Red Paddle Co Ride 10-6 Inflatable Paddle Board – $1299 (now on sale for $1099 with free carbon paddle)

A number one best seller and all-round great paddle board. An 18-20 PSI rigid, stable and versatile 10’6″ inflatable SUP, now a mere 20 lbs. Bungee deck lacing, fixed fins, ankle leash d-ring and low profile traction pad. Comes with the dual-barrel Titan pump and roller-wheeled backpack, great for travel. Free carbon breakdown paddle ($199 value)! AirKayaks note: The Red Paddle Co line is currently on sale at 15% off. Now is a great time to purchase one as there are no changes in 2019!

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